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Our Mobile Concrete Plant on Wheels

Fresh, On-Demand Concrete

Our Volumetric Mixers offer our customers a unique advantage. Our mobile concrete plant on wheels allows us to make concrete to customer specifications right on the job site. This ensures that the concrete is always fresh and that it can reach its full specified strength. Our on-demand service also means that we can serve small jobs or large ones, day or night, near or far.

Road Repair Flexibility

Road closures can cost you valuable time and money, we offer several rapid-setting solutions to get road repair projects completed quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Environmentally friendly

We only mix what you use, meaning there is no waste and you get the perfect mix every time. This also helps to reduce the cost of your project as well as its environmental impact.

Fresh Concrete Always

The main advantage of our Volumetric Mixing System is that it keeps the concrete fresh, meaning that when we arrive on the job site, the customer knows they will get a consistent and high-quality product every time.

Variable Job Sizes

Our Volumetric Mixers also allow us to adjust the quantities of concrete we pour on each job. This means that we can perfectly serve small and large jobs alike, while still maintaining a consistent quality product. We can also produce multiple mixes in one batch.

Multiple mixes / Slumps

Our Volumetric Mixers are also capable of producing multiple mixes and different slumps in one batch. This provides our customers with more options, ensuring that they get exactly the mix they need for their specific projects.

Massive Competitive Advantages

  • We can change the mix design at the touch of a button to produce different types of concrete from the same load of materials.

  • Our mobile plant on wheels means we can provide on-site concrete production, ensuring that the customer gets exactly what they need every time.

  • We can quickly adjust quantities, allowing us to serve small jobs or large ones with equal precision and control.

  • Specialty mixes, such as rapid setting and self-levelling concrete can be provided quickly and efficiently.

  • Fiber mesh can be added on-site to provide extra strength and flexibility.

  • Our mobile plant provides faster and more efficient service, reducing downtime and costs.

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