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Say Goodbye to Block Fill Pours Gone Wrong with the Volumetric Mixer

Perfectly Tailored Concrete For Your Needs

Omega Ready Mix’s Volumetric Mixer can provide perfectly filled concrete blocks for your project. Our experienced team of professionals can create concrete that exactly matches the performance specifications of your project. The mix can also be customized to ensure that you get the perfect concrete for your job.

No More Drying or Adding Water Issues

Say goodbye to drying and adding water issues when it comes to block fill pours. With the Volumetric Mixer, concrete is made only as it is needed, so there is never any concern about drying or having to add water. We make concrete at your pace, as fast or slow as needed.

Omega Ready Mix Guarantees Performance

When you choose Omega Ready Mix, you can trust that you’ll get the perfect block fill concrete that you need. Quality-Crete guarantees the performance of the concrete, so you can be sure that you’re getting the highest quality block fill material for your project.

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