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Volumetric Concrete delivery in Calgary

Why Choose Us?

At Omega Ready Mix, we are passionate about helping you achieve excellence. We strive to be the very best in the concrete supply industry, and delight in exceeding your expectations. We are part of your team, dedicated to helping you achieve success. We take our commitments seriously and always deliver what we promise when we promise it.

We are reliable

We meet all our clients needs by offering a complete selection of today’s concrete products. Our team are experts at on-demand concrete and dedicated to superior outcomes. We do what we say, when we say, and we are the best at what we do.

We Are Customer Focused

We are invested in the quality and success of your business, your project is our project, and we go the extra mile to ensure your customers satisfaction.

We Offer Concrete Solutions

We work with you to discover unique solutions to your concrete supply and construction needs, from mix to delivery we always strive for optimal performance.


Ready Mixed Versuses Site Mixed

With traditional ready mix deliveries, you pay for the entire load no matter the size of the project. This often leads to unnecessary costs and wasted material.

Ready Mix Concrete

Our volumetric trucks essentially function as their own batching plant, always fresh, eliminating waste.

Site Mixed Concrete


We will help our clients with any job regardless of scope, industry or size.


Every project deserves our full attention and dedication.

Load on Site

Your concrete is always fresh and ready to rock and roll.

All Industries

No minimums or quantity restrictions. We're here to help!

Always Fresh

Never worry about concrete that is too old or has been sitting in a truck for hours again.

Custom Pours

We provide custom mixes and services that are tailored to fit your project and business needs.

On-Site Mixing

We mix on-site which is convenient for remote locations, and specialty jobs.

No Waste

Our volumetric service trucks provide precise measurements, eliminating waste and saving you money.

Omega Ready Mix Concrete

Concrete Delivery in Calgary that saves you time and money

Discover the benefits of volumetric concrete delivery from Omega Ready Mix. We’re revolutionizing the way Calgary gets concrete, and we’d love to show you how. With our modern fleet of volumetric concrete delivery trucks, we’re able to deliver fresh concrete directly to your job site in precisely the right amounts, eliminating waste and helping you save time and money.


  • From Small to Large Jobs We Will Assist You

  • Family Owned Local Company

  • Our Line pumps can reach most areas

  • All Products lab tested for compliance and quality

  • Concrete is always Fresh

  • Commercial, Industrial and Residential Experience

  • Work With Homeowners and Contractors

  • Dependable Delivery Times

  • Deliveries City-Wide 24/7 with appointment

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